The Color Moment: A Master Class (SOLD OUT)

The great color photographer Ernst Haas once said, “The decisive moment in black and white is not the same in color. Each needs awareness in seeing and, because of this, a different discipline.” This workshop is for photographers who want to heighten their awareness of seeing in color and record those distinctive color moments. Through daily assignments, critiques and discussions, participants acquire new techniques to help them become more sensitive to light, color and composition, as well as learning to capture those fleeting instants when all the elements come together. The week begins with a review of each photographer’s images and a discussion of personal goals. In addition to addressing the aesthetics of the color moment, Arthur leads group critiques and spends individual time with each participant addressing their photography. Besides showing examples of his own work to illustrate concepts and ideas, Arthur guides participants in applying their unique vision of the world to help develop and refine an individual style for creative fulfillment and success. Daily assignments in the field put classroom techniques into practice and allow us to take advantage of the stunning light and colors of Mexico. Upon departing, participants will have a greater appreciation for color, a stronger awareness of their personal vision and strengths as well as an enhanced sensitivity in capturing the “decisive moment” in color.

This class, initially designed as a sequel to my other workshop, The Color of Light, will be limited to only 10 participants.

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