January, 2009
For many years, I have been interested in the idea of working with individuals to help them attain their next step photographically. So, beginning in 2009, I started to offer individual mentoring. This program offers the chance to work one-on-one with me over a period of time (6 or 12 months) in order to help you define your own "visual fingerprint". Besides enhancing your personal vision, the hourly sessions will allow us to explore a variety of other topics pertaining to your photographic interests, including photo projects, exhibitions, books, the business of photography, and so on. We will begin with a discussion of your photographic aspirations and a review of your work. Based on our initial session, I'll give you assignments, following up with critiques to strengthen your style as well as help you achieve your other photographic goals. Over time, my hope is to guide and inspire you and by working together diligently, I believe we can accomplish this.

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"Just finished my 8 sessions with Arthur. Wow. What a ride. To say his mentorship was eye-opening to me would be an understatement. I look at the pictures I make/take, and there are now words imprinted in my brain: what is it that you were trying to show? what was the INTENT here? Where are my eyes being led? Be more specific! Arthur wants you to learn how to see, even before you bring the camera to your face. I am remitted to design school - and you have to talk about your work. Not EXPLAIN, mind you - But talk about your decisions, or lack of. And that is what Arthur does, implacably - he will give you general assignments, and make sure that, in the end, YOU understand what made most of your images work or not. And there is absolutely no better way of improving. You have to learn how to see, and how to plan and execute on how you saw it. Is it easy? No, by no means. Is it worth it? Oh my god, I don’t think I ever had any mentorship as powerful as this one. It will be with me for life - I can’t take a picture anymore without asking in my head the questions Arthur asked - and I LOVE it. It challenges me, gives meaning to what I am doing, and I know that, eventually, if I work hard enough, if I practice enough - I will get to that better place I want. Arthur is a sweet guy, though, don’t get me wrong! Good-natured, funny, always understanding, always generous with praise - when praise is due. And the handful of images I made that he praised, I KNOW they were better than the others, and I understand why. Learning is tough. Improving is hard. I know, I am a Professor (have taught both Evolutionary Biology as well as Interaction Design, at different times in my life). A mentor such as Arthur doesn’t happen too often. I was fortunate to have him as my mentor, it changed my life. I think I am starting (just) to cross that bridge between being a dilettante and being a committed photographer, and if I make it, it’s because I practice what he taught me. Thank you, Arthur." Michael Cytrynowicz, San Francisco, June 2016

"I would highly recommend a mentorship with Arthur. I participated in a six month program with Arthur and as a result, it made be a better critic of my own images and took my photography to the “next level.” Instead of seeing what I photographed when viewing the images on the computer…I was able to envision what I was photographing when looking through the view finder of my camera. This allowed me to capture an image more in the moment. Arthur guides you through your photographic experience. He encourages you during this learning process, helps you develop your style and guides you to see your vision as a photographer more clearly." Monique C. Fischer, Cambridge, MA - January , 2016

"After taking a one week workshop and a six month mentorship with a person, you know if that person is for real or not. Arthur is for real, both as a photographer and an instructor. Arthur wants his students to learn and improve; and accepts no excuses. As an active photographer who is consistently trying to improve his own images, Arthur maintains an enthusiasm, and seriousness about photography that is very motivating; especially when you see the images he consistently produces. As a person, Arthur is liked by everyone. While being serious he is also easygoing. After spending time with him, you will consider him a friend. My photography has been forever changed for the better having met Arthur." Robert Day, Grand Haven, MI-October 2015

"If you want a pat on the back Arthur is not the man for you. If you want to push forward and challenge yourself to a greater understanding of the components of a great image and to an elevated visual perception, Arthur is the best. He often told me during our mentoring sessions, “It is good Jeannine but I want more. I want you to want more.” I gratefully find myself challenging myself to look for that elusive bit of “more” that will add a lasting poetry to my images. Many thanks." Jeannine Mullan, Buffalo, NY- September 2015

"For 32 years I worked in New York City, as a Graphic Designer and art director. In 2006 I retired and relocated to Tucson AZ. I wanted to move from a client based career to one where I had the final say.

I decided to pursue photography, which had always been my second passion. I turned to the Santa Fe school of photography and chose a year long mentorship with Arthur Meyerson. I saw some of me in his work and knew this would be a good match.

I started this journey with the misconception that I was a very good photographer. My goal was to be represented in museums and galleries. My goal eventually changed to simply wanting to understand the components of a good photograph.

Arthur’s critiques of my work focused on what was working, what was not and what was missing. During these critiques I understood and agreed with his thinking but had trouble making it work. I moved further out of my comfort zone and started the process of photographing people. It was the trip to CUBA that changed everything. I was surrounded by people who did not mind being photographed and observed Arthur making photographs.

Towards the end of my mentorship I was just beginning to understand the components of a good photograph. My goal now is to embrace this awareness and make it part of my every day thinking. I have started this process by looking at all my past images and trying to understand what would make them better.

I will miss talking with Arthur every 3 weeks. Now I must take everything to the next level and practice what I learned." Jim Eschinger Tucson, Arizona-June, 2015

"You can take all the workshops and seminars that come your way, but combined, they won’t equal the incredible insight and personal growth you will get from a mentorship with Arthur. Arthur challenged me to think outside the box, gave guidance on seeing better, and pushed me to explore my muse in ways I never would have imagined. I’m a much better photographer than I was before I started. Thank you, Arthur!" Alan Lawerence, Seattle- October, 2014

"I have just completed a tremendous sixth month mentorship with Arthur. It's unusual to meet someone who combines passion but sets boundaries, who challenges preconceived personal limits but clarifies the struggle ahead. He was a great leader - what one might call a coaching supervisor. I have seen myself rise out of confusion and doubt to an important point of clarity that certainly does not signal the peak but at least has shown the route in that direction. I've understood from Arthur how to think like a photographer, be guided by the experts and how to get out there and shoot, shoot, shoot. I'm on my way and plan to succeed. There's more light at the end of the tunnel than I was aware of when I began my mentorship. I thank Arthur for his patience, passion, sincerity and leadership. He's a highly recommended mentor." Christine Norton, Trinidad - August 2014

"I have had the distinct pleasure of being mentored by Arthur. Not only is he a great teacher and mentor but also he is a compassionate human being. It is that compassion and an unerring desire for his students to reach their potential that is so special about Arthur. When we would go through my images after an assignment he gave me, the critique was informative, insightful and while critical it was always encouraging. Arthur never would leave me without some positive inspiration to improve. He has helped train my “eye” not to just look at a scene but see what is special about it and how that speaks to me and my style as a photographer resulting in my images being more unique and special than ever before. His mentorship and his friendship have been invaluable. I plan on continuing our mentorship in the future, as he is such a significant contributor to my success as a photographer." Jed Best, New York- June 2014

"Arthur has been an invaluable and integral part of my evolution from serious amateur to newly minted professional photographer. After taking two workshops with Arthur I decided that a six-month mentorship with him was exactly what I needed to help propel my photography -- and me -- to the next level. We all know what an amazing photographer Arthur is, but during my six-month journey with him I also discovered he is an amazing teacher, mentor, friend and unofficial shrink. He inspires, he challenges, he doesn’t let you get away with excuses and, as a result, he helps make you a better photographer. Arthur clearly takes his role as mentor very seriously, investing time and energy to understand what you want from your photography/as a photographer and what you need from the mentorship itself. Over the course of the mentorship, he never failed to provide insightful and constructive critiques of the images presented and he helped me understand what I do well, what I need to get better at and how to get where I want. When I go out shooting now, I feel like Arthur is always with me, like a voice in my head or a “third eye” so to speak, supporting me, urging me out of my comfort zone and making sure I watch my corners and take responsibility for every pixel. "~ Deborah Loeb Bohren, White Plains, NY- June 2014

"I would highly recommend Arthur Meyerson as a teacher and mentor in photography. Arthur is patient, positive, and supportive while at the same time giving you an honest critique of your work. Nothing gets past him with regard to composition, content and exposure. Through it all, Arthur analyzes the images with great focus and attention. Not a second is wasted. He keeps to the point of discussing and critiquing the images presented, but is friendly, sincere and genuine. It is remarkable how Arthur can manage to be so perfect as a mentor. Besides the discussions and critiques, he endorses patience and love for the art of photography... a journey which he has continued for over forty years. Arthur's teaching style is relaxed and efficient and at the same time is wise and encouraging. Focus, patience, journey, love, encouragement, sharing, smiles, emotion….all come to mind and I have not even mentioned the impact of “seeing”, colour, moment, gesture and light. As a result of Arthur’s teaching, I have learned to live in the moment visually and develop an awareness of seeing the world around me." Gaye Leggat, Vancouver, B.C.- May 2014

"My year long mentorship with Arthur Meyerson is forever recorded in my memory. First of all, I am extraordinarily thankful for my time with Arthur in which I learned much about myself, my approach to photography and above everything else, about the way I see and how and why I shoot. Over these many months, Arthur encouraged me to focus, to discipline myself and yet to continue to have fun. Despite his no-nonsense critical style, he manages to always be constructive, kind, and often does it with a little bit of humor. I will forever hear Arthur’s voice in my head every time I pick up a camera. For that and more, I am eternally grateful." Elizabeth Sanjuan, Hollywood, Florida-January 2014

"Arthur has a talent for not only capturing compelling images but to successfully guide others in that pursuit. The change in my photographs while under his guidance is notable. My post-Arthur efforts are more selective of what isn't included within the frame and very deliberate of what is. If that weren't enough, Arthur is one hell of a nice guy. He has a way of telling you your photograph is crap that makes you want to go try again. I have offered him the highest compliment by "re-upping" the mentorship again." George Howard, Houston- February 2013

"Last summer I was a participant in Jay Maisel's New York workshop. While I was there, I met Arthur who was one of the guest speakers that week. Recently, I just completed a mentorship with him. For me, my sessions with Arthur were everything a mentorship should be – full of encouragement, feedback, suggestions, guidance and humor presented in a way that I could understand and sometimes actually remember. He’s my Goldilocks mentor – not too much, not too little, just right. Arthur has an amazing ability to figure out what I should work on next – everything from techniques to strategy to process to that ‘vision’ thing. His reviews of my photos always made my head spin – pointing out the strengths (some that I hadn’t even noticed) and the two or three (or thirty) things I could have tried to make a better image. There is, of course, never a ‘right answer’ but especially for those ‘decisive moments’, there are always lots more that could be tried and eventually his suggestions start to sink in. I really started this journey one year ago and even now barely recognize how much I don’t know and how far I have to go but have already made far more progress that I ever expected – mostly from lot of work, a little talent and a lot of hand-holding. Arthur is also, of course, an amazing photographer and a damn fine human being. If you really, really want to become a better photographer and are willing to listen, learn, work a lot, push yourself, fail constantly and hit a few ‘home runs’, then Arthur is your guy." Doug Johnson, Marlborough, MA- May 2012

"When I enquired about the mentorship program at Santa Fe Workshops with Arthur Meyerson, I was looking to be challenged. I needed this challenge if my photo-life was to move forward in both the technical and the ‘seeing’ aspects. From my view, Arthur’s attitude towards photography and life was fun and insightful and straightforward. For the last year I have had the amazing opportunity to work with Arthur. He has challenged me and guided me in a most positive and gentle manner, yet he is very direct which I so appreciate. He is a wise and humble man. And not only did I learn a lot about photography, I learned a lot about myself in the process. Thank you Arthur." Marie Snippa, Calgary, Alberta- March 2011

"Arthur is everything a mentor should be—knowledgeable, committed, honest, considerate, responsive, enthusiastic, and encouraging. He is not only a master photographer but also has a gift for teaching, inspiring, and bringing out the best in others." Virginia Catherine Fairchild, Houston, TX- June 2010

“It has been an enormous honor, privilege and joy working with you this year! Your feedback, coaching, encouragement and standards of excellence have all greatly improved my performance as a photographer and as an artist. You’ve helped me see the potential in my work and have guided me along the path of reaching that potential. For all this, I will be forever grateful to you.” Marjorie Pierson, Durham, NC- November 2009

“Under your mentorship, I have learned and developed more photographically than with anything else I have tried” Tim Frederick, Houston, TX- November 2009

“Choosing to pursue photography seriously during the course of a year’s travel made it a challenge to study the craft in any ‘traditional’ sense. Being able to undertake Arthur’s mentorship program over Skype from three different countries has been a fantastic way to consistently receive the benefit of his invaluable expertise, experience and critiques – something I would otherwise not have been able to find. While challenging at times, my sessions with Arthur greatly accelerated my (ongoing!) photographic growth, strengthened my confidence in my photographic eye and ultimately reinforced my conviction in the path I’m treading.” Nyani Quarmyne, Accra, Ghana- March 2010

"Arthur is a cool guy. He can make you laugh and he can make you cuss. But most of all, he makes you want to create better images... and shows you how to do it." Dewey Ervin, Florence, South Carolina- May 2010

"Exceptional photographer; exceptional teacher. Arthur Meyerson's mentoring developed my ability from taking photos into making photographs. An exceptional experience!" Larry Tawa, Costa Mesa, CA.- May 2010

"Arthur helped me to sharpen my thinking as a photographer -- giving me both broad and specific insights on everything from composition, color, and technique to lens selection, shoot preparation, and the discipline of never going anywhere without my 'third eye'." Jay Heifetz, Perth, Australia- June 2010