Over the years, we have had a variety of great clients in the advertising, corporate and editorial world represented by premiere advertising agencies and design firms. While we have always believed in the power of advertising and self promotion, we realize that nothing speaks louder than word-of-mouth:

Arthur’s depth of experience, creative insight, classic style, lighting expertise and eye for vantage points and compositions all applied to the new digital photography arena go unmatched. He has set the benchmark by which to measure all other professional photographers.
John Avila, US Design Director, Chicago

The easiest thing to say is that Arthur is a gifted photographer, artist, and human being. What strikes me most about him, however, is how he sees the world and how he captures its images. And that's what sets him apart… he doesn't just capture ‘the shot,’ he captures ‘the experience.’
Jorge Casmiro, Former Director, International Government Relations, Atlanta

When the deadline is impossible, the location can only be reached by dog team, the client’s a nervous wreck, but the image has to be stunning... Arthur is the man to call.
Kit Hinrichs, Partner, San Francisco

The problem I have with these sort of glowing endorsements is that they ensure Arthur will be booked when I next need to shoot with him. So don’t work with him, he’s an asshole.
Warren Eakins, Art Director, Santa Monica, CA

Arthur’s beautiful saturated color and classic style of photography has been a great fit for many of our clients.
Kelly Walther, Art Buying Supervisor, Austin

The visual you imagine when you first create an idea is not often achieved. Unless, however, Arthur shoots for you. His images not only fulfill what you had in mind, they exceed it. Somehow, he sees what most people can’t and brings magic to even the most common topics. He makes my job easy.
Roger Christian, Principal, San Antonio

When you work with Arthur, you are working with the consummate professional... while his feet are planted firmly on the ground, his creativity soars and pushes the envelope!
Critt Graham, Principal, Atlanta

Arthur has a rare and wonderful love affair with light. Our good fortune and joy is that he shares the pictures.
Dick Mitchell, Managing Principal, Dallas

Arthur goes well beyond getting a great shot. He has a ‘designer's eye’ that I believe allows him to create some of the most stunning images I have ever seen...
John Athorn, Co-Chairman, New York

We’ve had a lot of fun working together over the years… but with Arthur, I’ve come to realize that great photography is compelling… it makes you think about what you are seeing. Arthur’s photographs are not just images, they are short stories.
Doug Oliver, Principal, Bell Canyon, CA

Some photographer's have their own vision for what I’m after. And some have no vision. With Arthur, we were exactly on the same page. The result was some of the best location photography I’ve ever used.
Wade Koniakowsky, Executive Creative Director, Carlsbad, CA

I was fortunate enough to have had an enjoyable shoot with Arthur, that ended with a stunning photo. (And I didn’t have to get up pretty early in the morning.)
Karen Holland, Art Director, Houston

I’m always surprised how Arthur is able to create the most amazing visuals under not so amazing situations.
Joel Fuller, Executive Creative Director, Miami

Photography has gotten so trendy. One year it’s gels, the next it’s selective focus or whatever – it’s all about technique. Arthur’s images communicate and are memorable. He doesn’t confuse technique for creativity.
Ray Redding, Former Management Director, Houston

Arthur has an amazing group of people working with him – giving him the support he needs to allow him to create the awesome images he captures on film. And, he’s a really great guy!
Rosie Coleman, Former Art Buyer, Minneapolis