Why would someone want to take a workshop, go on a photo tour or mentor with Arthur Meyerson? The best answer lies in the personal testimonial of those who have had the experience. The following quotes are from past participants:

I had the opportunity to first meet Arthur at his "Color of Light" workshop in Vancouver several years ago followed more recently while attending his "Color Moment" course in San Miguel, Mexico. It was during both of these occasions that I had a chance to experience firsthand the work of the legendary commercial photographer turned educator. Gifted with exceptional photographic skill, his engaging instructional approach quickly grew upon me. No fancy photoshop footwork here. Arthur's photographic tools include a keen eye to anticipate the moment, and an impeccable sense of timing with which to capture it. Add a dash of color to the mix, and he will bring it all together with imagery that will inspire you to follow his lead. Through his endearing teaching style, Arthur will push the student of light to explore beyond that which is familiar and comfortable to the budding artist. It is his love of the medium, combined with a mastery of technical knowledge and artistic vision, that shines through when Arthur extends a guiding hand to the artist in discovering their own voice and shaping their journey down the creative path. And, all of this is done with great discipline in ensuring that the artist owns every pixel in the frame, in deference to the medium. If you are a lover of color, and want to expand your photographic horizons, then you owe it to yourself to cross paths with Arthur Meyerson, at least once in your lifetime!
Anil Sud, Winnipeg, Canada

Arthur has been an invaluable and integral part of my evolution from serious amateur to newly minted professional photographer. After taking two workshops with Arthur I decided that a six-month mentorship with him was exactly what I needed to help propel my photography -- and me -- to the next level. We all know what an amazing photographer Arthur is, but during my six-month journey with him I also discovered he is an amazing teacher, mentor, friend and unofficial shrink. He inspires, he challenges, he doesn’t let you get away with excuses and, as a result, he helps make you a better photographer. Arthur clearly takes his role as mentor very seriously, investing time and energy to understand what you want from your photography/as a photographer and what you need from the mentorship itself. Over the course of the mentorship, he never failed to provide insightful and constructive critiques of the images presented and he helped me understand what I do well, what I need to get better at and how to get where I want. When I go out shooting now, I feel like Arthur is always with me, like a voice in my head or a “third eye” so to speak, supporting me, urging me out of my comfort zone and making sure I watch my corners and take responsibility for every pixel.
Deborah Loeb Bohren, White Plains, NY

I would highly recommend Arthur Meyerson as a teacher and mentor in photography. Arthur is patient, positive, and supportive while at the same time giving you an honest critique of your work. Nothing gets past him with regard to composition, content and exposure. Through it all, Arthur analyzes the images with great focus and attention. Not a second is wasted. He keeps to the point of discussing and critiquing the images presented, but is friendly, sincere and genuine. It is remarkable how Arthur can manage to be so perfect as a mentor. Besides the discussions and critiques, he endorses patience and love for the art of photography... a journey which he has continued for over forty years. Arthur's teaching style is relaxed and efficient and at the same time is wise and encouraging. Focus, patience, journey, love, encouragement, sharing, smiles, emotion….all come to mind and I have not even mentioned the impact of “seeing”, colour, moment, gesture and light. As a result of Arthur’s teaching, I have learned to live in the moment visually and develop an awareness of seeing the world around me.
Gaye Leggat, Vancouver, B.C.

I recently returned from Arthur Meyerson’s Alumni Symposium at Hacienda Las Trancas in Mexico. Although I have been back for two weeks now, I don’t feel like I am anywhere near to returning to “normal life”. I learned so much and experienced so much that I am sure it will take quite a while to fully assimilate. The symposium experience was truly flawless, from the accommodations to the food to the discussions and critiques. And lets not forget the participants themselves, an amazingly diverse and talented group who were a joy to be around and who shared, laughed, and learned almost as much from each other as we did from Arthur. Learning from each other is a key ingredient in Arthur’s teaching style. He has no desire to have his students go back to the world as little Meyerson clones taking Meyersonesque photographs. He analyzes his student’s work looking for the individual’s strengths and works with them to define a direction in which to move forward. His critiques, both group and one to one, are thoughtful, gentle, and honest. If you are serious about wanting to become a better photographer you can not miss with Arthur. For myself, I am already thinking about my next Meyerson experience.
Bruce Van Valen, Torrington CT

Don't let the fun loving, good ol' boy Texas affect fool you. This is one High flyin' photographer! Plus one helluva teacher! He is supportive and challenging at once. He is more about seeing and capturing within the frame, like a classic NG photographer. He is less about post production, after the fact, creating. If you are ready for the next step in your photography and can leave your ego at the door, consider Arthur Meyerson. You will not be disappointed!
Doug Kurata (PNW Arts Center Participant)

My experience during Arthur's 'Color Of Light,' Workshop was spectacular!" The structure of the class was extremely comfortable. Everything was balanced. Balance with our daily schedule, meal times, lectures, shooting times, and class critiques, made each day flow effortlessly. That is NOT to say, that we did not have to keep 'one-pointed' on our daily assignments. Free time? I had none. We were doing photography all the time, which was a joy, indeed. It was also a joy to meet all my multi-talented, classmates, who provided me each day with their friendship, laughter, and feed-back on everyone's images, which to me, is so critically important for one's own work to pro-gress. For that, I thank them. And … among other things, 'Critiquing,' is where Arthur Meyerson, shines. I learned SO much, from his critiquing of our images. There is a fine point between making a person feel good or not so good about their artistic work. Even if your image is really poor, Arthur 'guides' everyone to probe their thinking, why they did, or did not include something, before squeezing their shutter. The result is that one learns and feels good, thus providing total encouragement to go out the next opportunity and make that perfect shot.
Larry Weakly, Tacoma

Picking an instructor for a workshop is always hard, but I can think of no one better than Arthur Meyerson. He is a simply great person to be around, particularly for a whole week. With Arthur leading the workshop, and with an eye in particular on the true colors of Iceland, you will come away with amazing photos of the people, the architecture, and the land. He will be there to help you refine your vision and, in all likelihood, you will produce several photos that will be among your favorites. I know I did. I cannot wait to take another workshop with him.
James Anderson, St. Petersburg

One of the best workshops I have taken during the last ten years. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced photographer, Arthur meets you where you are, appreciates what is good in your work, and shows you how you improve. His feedback is clear but considerate. His presentations are very well organized and he uses many illustrations from his exceptional body of work. And he's funny. Look at his galleries and ask yourself if you would like to shoot more like he does, and if the answer is yes, take his workshop. I definitely plan to study with him again.
Ed Dean, Tucson

As a lifelong artist and educator, I have known many great artists who couldn't teach and some great teachers who were not great artists. Arthur is both an amazing and highly accomplished photographer/artist and he is also an excellent teacher. His teaching style is gentle, but firm and yet, open... he leads his students with suggestions, not directions. His critiques are not harsh but they are very honest. Above all Arthur genuinely enjoys his interaction with his students and will freely tell you that he gets as much as he gives in the process. I will definitely participate in another workshop or photo tour with Arthur if there is any way I can manage it.
Bruce Van Valen, Torrington, CT

I have participated in two of Arthur Meyerson's workshops (No, I'm not slow. OK, maybe). And though each one seemingly covered the same topic, in each one I found plenty of food for photographic thought. Former good habits learned were reinforced, new ones became ingrained. How so? When I go out shooting now I hear him grumbling in my ear: "Take responsibility for your photographs," which ensures that I try to frame well, pay attention to detail and look through the view finder critically before I push down all the way on the shutter. I think it says a lot that you can take two workshops from the same teacher and find that he was as engaging, insightful and helpful the second time as the first. On a more practical level: I have been in six workshops and I have found that Art's courses were the best-organized and the best directed.
John Fried, Wayne, PA

I have been a big Photoshop user from the first version allowing the use of technology to fix what I was not able to achieve with my camera. After taking Arthur's workshop, things clicked and I was able to create engaging moments in time by just using light, color and composition.
Bob Levin, Wolfeboro, NH

The Colour Moment Workshop with Arthur in Vancouver left me excited and energized. Arthur's ability to share his creative process and career experience inspired and challenged me! He took us seriously as photographers and professionals even in the short time he spent teaching us. I got as much out of a one day workshop as is possible, and left seeing my own photography and even graphic design work from a new perspective.
Laura Kastelein, Vancouver, BC

Arthur recognizes the personal style and vision of every photographer while he pushes you to try a different approach. In the very intense week of photographing in New Orleans, I went beyond the photo that just captures a nice moment to the photo that tells a story - a big breakthrough for me. I now want to shoot from the center of the action instead of from the other side of the street.
Carole Scurlock, Pasadena, CA

I have never been so excited about photography. Arthur has helped me take my work to a new level. As a result of this workshop I am seeing better than ever.
Marybeth Flower, Ketchum, ID

Arthur's New Orleans workshop was way more than a typical workshop. The location in a vibrant neighborhood in the middle of everything was perfect. The food, the small group interaction, and the critiques were excellent, but most importantly everyone raised their personal bar during the workshop. What a fun, intense, and productive experience!
Randy Cole, Dallas

Going to a workshop with Arthur is always a thrill. Arthur is a funny and caring teacher that creates a supportive environment in which my photographic vision expands. But what I like best is the quality of the students that he attracts. They are always top flight photographers who further challenge me to improve. I can't wait for the next workshop.
Fred Blum, San Francisco

I thought the workshop was fantastic. Working with Arthur was a great experience that definitely enhanced my ability to create stronger, storytelling photographs. The format allows you to be as creative as you need to be to explore the concept 'sense of place'. I would do it again in a heartbeat!
Kim Opdyke, Orlando

When I enquired about the mentorship program at Santa Fe Workshops with Arthur Meyerson, I was looking to be challenged. I needed this challenge if my photo-life was to move forward in both the technical and the ‘seeing’ aspects. From my view, Arthur’s attitude towards photography and life was fun and insightful and straightforward. For the last year I have had the amazing opportunity to work with Arthur. He has challenged me and guided me in a most positive and gentle manner, yet he is very direct which I so appreciate. He is a wise and humble man. And not only did I learn a lot about photography, I learned a lot about myself in the process. Thank you Arthur.
Marie Snippa, Calgary, Alberta

Arthur is everything a mentor should be—knowledgeable, committed, honest, considerate, responsive, enthusiastic, and encouraging. He is not only a master photographer but also has a gift for teaching, inspiring, and bringing out the best in others.
Virginia Catherine Fairchild, Houston

It has been an enormous honor, privilege and joy working with you this year! Your feedback, coaching, encouragement and standards of excellence have all greatly improved my performance as a photographer and as an artist. You’ve helped me see the potential in my work and have guided me along the path of reaching that potential. For all this, I will be forever grateful to you.
Marjorie Pierson, Durham, NC

Under your mentorship, I have learned and developed more photographically than with anything else I have tried
Tim Frederick, Houston

Choosing to pursue photography seriously during the course of a year’s travel made it a challenge to study the craft in any ‘traditional’ sense. Being able to undertake Arthur’s mentorship program over Skype from three different countries has been a fantastic way to consistently receive the benefit of his invaluable expertise, experience and critiques – something I would otherwise not have been able to find. While challenging at times, my sessions with Arthur greatly accelerated my (ongoing!) photographic growth, strengthened my confidence in my photographic eye and ultimately reinforced my conviction in the path I’m treading.
Nyani Quarmyne, Accra, Ghana

Arthur is a cool guy. He can make you laugh and he can make you cuss. But most of all, he makes you want to create better images... and shows you how to do it.
Dewey Ervin, Florence, South Carolina

Exceptional photographer; exceptional teacher. Arthur Meyerson's mentoring developed my ability from taking photos into making photographs. An exceptional experience!
Larry Tawa, Costa Mesa, CA

Arthur helped me to sharpen my thinking as a photographer -- giving me both broad and specific insights on everything from composition, color, and technique to lens selection, shoot preparation, and the discipline of never going anywhere without my 'third eye'.
Jay Heifetz, Perth, Australia

When I decided to do a big photo project, Arthur was the first person I thought of to mentor me. I’ve enjoyed workshops and photo tours with Arthur and his appropriate critiques and guidance have always improved my photography. His six-month mentorship kept me on track and focused on my project. He helped me shape the project, select images, and shared his knowledge of book publishing and the fine art photography world. His earnest encouragement helped my make the project a reality and gave me the confidence to submit my work to others. I was able to get the work into some respected portfolio reviews (Center Santa Fe 100 and Critical Mass Top 200) and juried into many shows throughout the US. I highly recommend a mentorship or workshop with Arthur to bring your photography to the next level!
Annette LeMay Burke, San Jose, CA