So, what have you been up to lately? Personally, I’ve been engrossed in my archive, moving out of my longtime studio, and traveling when I can to teach. Interestingly, I’ve found myself contemplating photography more than actually creating new photographs, a phase I believe all creative individuals go through at some point.

In addition, I’ve been pondering fresh ideas for workshops. One suggestion that caught my attention was to teach a master class for those who are already familiar with my teaching style, but to do it on familiar turf for the participants, rather than at an exotic destination (which is wonderful, but full of distractions). Thus, I present to you “The New Visual Landscape: A Master Class.”

Now, let me clarify that this master class is not focused on traditional “landscape” photography. Instead, I find it captivating to delve into one of the grand themes in photography and explore its various dimensions. We’ll go beyond the natural landscape and delve into the urban landscape, the human landscape, the industrial landscape, and more.

This workshop offers a comprehensive opportunity to observe and reimagine the concept of landscape by utilizing the tools and techniques that we have discussed in my other workshops. I invite you to embark on this journey with me, where we will further develop your personal photographic vision and elevate your understanding of photography to new heights. And, we will do it together in an intimate setting, with a maximum of 7 students per class and one-on-ones for each student so that you will receive plenty of my attention and tailored instruction suited to your photographic vision.

Although this class will be conducted online, the materials and information presented will be identical to those I utilize in my in-person classes. However, you will have the advantage of photographing in your familiar surroundings. Throughout the duration of the workshop, Ximena Alvarez and Fernanda De Icaza will be available to assist you with assignments, software, and any technical questions you may have. By the end of the workshop, you will have a greater awareness of your strengths and an enhanced understanding of the new visual landscapes which surround us.

Please note that participants will need a computer for image processing and editing. All sessions will be recorded and made accessible for you to review at your convenience via a private video link.


Monday, September 11th – Session One

Wednesday, September 13th – Session Two

Friday, September 15th – Session Three

Monday, September 18th – Session Four

Wednesday, September 20th – Session Five


The class meets on two Mondays, two Wednesdays, and one Friday on Zoom at 10 AM CDT (8 AM PDT) between September 11th and 20th, 2023. Students will also schedule a 30-minute one-on-one session with Arthur separately. Participants are expected to photograph based around class assignments on the off days. Please come prepared to work hard and have fun!

Registrants will receive a welcome package before the class begins with additional instructions.

Participants will also receive an invitation to their own private group within Ibasho, our community photography platform available only to those in your class so that you can share photos, feedback, and ideas.


This class is designed for advanced photographers who are familiar with Arthur Meyerson’s work/teaching.


7 students


  • Digital camera

  • Computer with internet connection

  • Zoom account (free subscription level is sufficient) (

  • Adobe Lightroom, Bridge or other file organization software


$1,995 per person (Japan residents add 10% consumption tax)

There is an early bird discount available until June 15, which offers $100 off tuition. Use code: TNVL923 at checkout.

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